When to use Santament?

Santament - лечение и профилактика. Парадонтоза, афти, след вадене на зъб... Santament– is powerful, aggressive product that attacks virulent microorganisms in mouth cavity immediately after use.

Santament– immediately attacks and eliminates virulent microorganisms in mouth cavity.

Santament– eliminate the cause for bad breath in mouth cavity.

Santament– against pharyngitis.

Santament– against sore mouth mucous membrane (stomatitis).

Santament– prevents periodontosis.

Santament– eliminates previously formed pockets around gums.

Santament– strengthens your gums. The effect can be instantly felt.

Santament– will eliminate painful ulcers.

Santament– soothes your throat.

Santament– can be used after all types of dental treatment.

Santament– is highly efficient after cleaning calculus.

Santament- after a tooth extraction.

Santament– instant effect after use.

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