Stomatological Physiotherapy

Santament Santament – appropriate for treating periodontitis, necrosis, periodontosis, ulcers in mouth cavity and it also helps for a faster recovery after surgical treatment or chemo.
Santament – prevents from development of microorganisms, i.e. it ceases and prevents from gum infections. Thus teeth stop feeling loose, gums get stronger. Santament also ceases gum bleeding.
Santament – has a very strong antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect. It has s strong anti-microbial and anti-fungal effect.
Santament – does not irritate mucous linings and tissues.
Santament – is made of ecologically pure wild herbs of proven origin and quality. It contains different extracts. It is suitable for adults and kids.
Santament – is registered according to the Bulgarian legislation.
Santament – has 3 years expiration period that makes it very attractive for consumers.
Ulcers in mouth develop because of a virus or imbalanced immune system. Bubbles appear on the mucosa in mouth cavity and they got inflamed for a short period of time. Thus second infection grows. These bubbles are highly painful.

No contraindications found.

Multiple medications presently produced have side effects. Multiple medications treat one organ and but prove to be harmful for another. We should not forget that our body has only one filter and that is the liver.
Santament – is based on herbs. This makes it absolutely safe for kids, pregnant women and old people. It is suitable for all ages – every family needs it.
In case you are in pain and you can’t visit your dentist immediately, use Santament until your consultation.

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Why did we make Santament?
Stomatological Physiotherapy

When to use Santament?

antament– eliminates previously formed pockets around gums.
effective means of disinfection, prevention and treatment of oral cavity. packs of 100 and 200ml more