Why did we make Santament?

Santament Gum diseases or also called periodontal problems are caused by plaque, a colourless film of bacteria that constantly forms on teeth. This plaque irritates the gums and as a result they turn red, get very sensitive; in some cases they even swell and start bleeding. If plaque is not removed on time, it builds up and turns into tartar (dental calculus) around the teeth. Then dental calculus starts destroying the gum that attaches the teeth. This process leads to the formation of gum pockets. These pockets become filled with plaque damaging the jawbone that supports the teeth.
Periodontal diseases progress slowly without causing any pain. Most people who have periodontal disease are unaware of it. If early diagnosed, this disease can be properly treated so that teeth can be saved

What is dental plaque?

Plaque is amorphous, sticky, yellowish, whitish biofilm that build on over and under gum line. It consists mostly of bacteria that excrete acids, toxins and other harmful substances. That is why dental plaque is the main cause for caries as well as inflammatory gum diseases.

Why does dental plaque form on human teeth?

Formation of dental plaque is a natural process. Multiple types of bacteria inhabit human mouth cavity. Bacteria are alive microorganisms but not all types of bacteria cause diseases. Some of them are even good for human organism.
A characteristic feature of bacteria is that they get attached to tooth’s surface forming a thin layer. In the course of time, however, if not regularly and assiduously cleaned up, this layer of dental plaque gets harder and bigger. What is even worse is the fact that beside its quantity, plaque’s virulent potential also grows because of the increased quantity of harmful microorganisms.

What is stomatitis?

This is inflammation of mucous lining in the mouth. It is caused by viruses and bacteria. Inflammation involves mucous lining of the cheeks, tongue, as well as gums. Mucous lining gets red and swollen and it is highly painful especially during eating. Sometimes one or multiple ulcers may appear. Periodontal diseases or, as many people call them, gum diseases are chronic bacterial infections which gradually damage jawbone and gums that support the teeth. If not treated, this infection may lead to a tooth loss. The main cause for this infection is bacteria and toxins they release or secrete in tooth plaque.

IMPORTANT! Dental tartar is mineralized (hardened) dental plaque. It highly irritates the gums and is one of the most common “favourable” conditions for periodontosis.


Here the most influential, the strongest factor is the bacterial environment if dead teeth. These bacterial nests in mouth cavity may cause allergies that may damage joints, kidneys, heart, eyes, skin and other organs and systems.

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